We work sustainable as much as we can. So we choose wise, we use recycled materials. Recycled silver pleated in recycled gold, 18k gold mixed with recycled silver and copper.

For our rings we use a special kind of gold, which we receive from the rivers in Finland –we call it SUOMI. Its a special limited kind of gold, that we receive in the most sustainable way. Further more we make sure to keep the identity of suomi.

Each piece made out of suomi gold is unique. It has a natural aloy how mother nature made it. Jewelry pieces made out of suomi are between 920 to 988 aloy. Its an unusual kind of carat. Its like the earth, like a river, like each human on this planet, like you and me - its one of a kind.

Each single piece is made by hand in Germany. We produce by request and don‘t offer any sale. We believe that our products are timeless and maintain the same value.

Gold and silver last forever and are always recyclable.

Jewelry is forever.  



Avoid extreme temperatures or direct contact with cleaning products, household bleach, chemicals, Cosmetics and Perfume etc. when wearing your jewelry.

Protect your jewelry from shocks against hard or rough surfaces and take it off once you take a bath, shower or when you wash your hands.

We recommend cleaning your jewelry regularly with a soft jewelry polishing cloth and if needed a mild soap and warm water.


As gold and silver are natural materials, they will show wear and build up patina over time; Especially silver oxidizes with time. When it is in contact with your skin and worn everyday it oxidizes less, so wear it everyday.

Matte surfaces will become shinier while polished surfaces will turn more matte.

The black jewellery is oxidized.

This is done by a solution that speeds up the natural oxidization process of silver.

Black layer rubs off, especially where jewellery piece interacts the most with skin, clothes etc. Very frequent wear may speed up this process, especially on items like rings and bracelets, which have more contact with surfaces.

Don’t wear jewelry in swimming pools and spas – chlorinated water can react with the metals causing color changes and even structural damage.
Contact sports and jewelry is a nogo – hard blows during sports can damage jewelry not to mention the people involved.



Each piece of Lani Lees Jewelry is available via PRE ORDER via Mail or Onlineshop.

All our products are handmade and get produced after we received your order and payment.

Your order is then usually shipped within 2 weeks (office days) -

not including special or custom made products that may take longer and is agreed with the customer via mail.


Please have a look at our Terms & Conditions.


Please note that the size of the fingers can sometimes change due to temperature. Each finger may have a different size and a finger on the right hand for most people needs a slightly larger size than the same finger on the left hand.

We offer all sizes by request. Please get in touch with us.